The LimitlessCOMMUNITY is loaded with inspiring stories from real people all around the world. If you’re having trouble getting started, finding your mojo, or just looking for some tips from people that have improved their health and become LimitlessFIT than don’t miss these stories.

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Father, Husband, and Hard Working Man: Meet Ami

I’m a little partial to this one and not because Ami is a friend and client of mine but simply because he is a super cool dude with a family, kids, and real world obligations. But my man Ami pushed through it and dominated in a big way. The picture you see is only 3 months later. Hopefully I can get the shots up of him at the 6 month mark.


Loses 90 Pounds & 17% Body fat: Gains Happiness, Love, and His Life Back

One of my favorite things about living is that each of us has the ability to reinvent ourself on a whim. It’s true, you, me, and the guy next door can consciously make a decision at any given moment to make changes in our lives that will start a domino effect leading us to eventually becoming the person we have always wanted to be.


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50 pounds In 8 Months: A New Body & Mindset

In this interview Adrienne teaches us: 

Just how important creating time for your health is, especially if you have a busy and hectic schedule. The importance of preparation and how to commit to a healthy schedule. Why simplification is a key component of success and how you can do it. How you can make a dramatic physical transformation even if exercise is NOT an option. Why the way you talk to yourself is highly underrated.


Miguel Found His Kryptonite: 90lbs. In 7 Months

Don’t think tiny changes lead to big success? Then you need to meet Miguel. He made one big change over 7 months and lost 90 pounds. If you’re someone that is struggling with getting started this is a story you don’t want to miss. Miguel tells you why focusing on just one thing at a time can lead to big time results in the health and fitness game.


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One Small Step At A Time Leads To Big Lifestyle Changes

“Your words and wisdom have helped me reached my goals!! The paleo diet has changed my life and I will never go back to my old ways ever again. When I first began eating paleo, I got a lot of negative feedback. Even from my cousin who is a doctor! But no one can argue with these results. Of course, now all my friends and family want to jump on the paleo bandwagon, but it feels so amazing proving everyone wrong.” – Brianna


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From 300 Pounds to 200 Pounds & Still Going: The Right Mindset Makes The Difference

The success I am experiencing currently is because over the past few years of tackling my issues, I realized many of these same strategies and put them into play. You have to PLAN if you want to succeed.


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68 Pounds Down, Off Her Diabetes Medication, & On To Paleo

I love the Paleo lifestyle and the 31 kilograms I’ve lost, not to mention I’ve been able to kick my diabetes medication to the curb!


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From Good To Great: Father Of Three Experiences More Than A Physical Transformation

I wanted to share a success story I have been holding on to for some time now. It’s from my good buddy Jason. I think you can relate. He was working two jobs, is married, and has 2 (now 3) kid do’s. He made time to get healthy, pursue some dreams, and all the while maintain a happy household (maybe his wife had more to do with that one :D )


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70 Days & 25 Pounds Later: A New Linda, A New Body, A New Mindset

YOU got me to try Paleo! On September 11th I joined your site and you sent me a free download about Paleo. After reading it I thought, hmmmm. My blood type is O Negative, and O is said to be the blood type of the cavemen, so maybe I should try eating like a caveman. I did my usual “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” thought process I do when trying to make a decision, and went grocery shopping that night after work and started the very next day. (If I put stuff off, it won’t ever get started)


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Finding Fitness and A Career You’re Passionate About

Doing work that you truly love and find rewarding might be one of the most difficult processes you’ll ever embark on in life. On a personal note It took me years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and how I could contribute to something more than just myself.

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How To Create A Life Without Limits: Raw Juicing With Sherif 

I’m super stoked to introduce to you a good friend that I grew up with on the mean streets of Herndon, Virginia. Sherif has been an inspiration of mine as of late. In the past few years I’ve seen him choose courage over fear and live his life with authenticity. Sherif teaches us how to get past personal fears and limitations in order to live your life without limits.

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The Rise To The Top: David Siteman Garland On Finally Getting Results

David runs “The Rise To The Top.” It’s literally The uncensored, uncut, unconventional show ( & resource) for BADASS experts, thought leaders and personal brands.

What got me to stick around the site was actually a personal goal he had. David wanted to win the Iron Man Magazines “Most Inspiring Fitness Transformation.” UPDATE: He dominated! Just look at these results.


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I tried my best to get her to reveal herself but she refused. Regardless, one of the Limitless crazies passed along an amazing email that I had to share. She outlines 4 things she learned from dominating her nutritional habits. It’s pretty awesome to see how it translated to the rest of her life.


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A while back I got a chance to connect with some pretty cool folks that answered a question I threw out at the readers. I got some pretty cool responses the question “How has chaining your eating and exercise habits effected your life?”

It’s really amazing that everyone was really open to sharing…. some saying too much JK!


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Ben was a pretty cool cat that I connected with on Linkedin a while back.

Things have been so crazy here at the blog that it took me a little while to get this up.

But regardless, it is super important to hear success stories. Goals can get tough. It takes real handwork, dedication, and persistence. It is really easy for use to make excuses and to just give up. Hear how Ben juggled a family, career, and other difficulties to get his health, mind, body, and soul back in line.


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They say that in the present, we are a reflection of everything we have ever experienced. These experiences come in all shapes and sizes, some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them are terrible, and some of them are f*&king fantastic! And all of them combined make up the person that looks back at you in the mirror. This is my story.


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Derek is the founder & CEO of Greatist. A website that values making health and fitness easier to understand and was a big influence and still is of Limitless365.

Harvard University graduate where he built two 60+ member organizations that are still thriving today. and (Harvard Undergraduate Television)



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