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Real Food Chart

A list of real food. Includes some of the best protein, vegetable, fruit, and healthy fat sources. Especially beneficial for anyone following a Paleo diet. Keep on your fridge or take grocery shopping with you.

Healthy Habit Chart

If you are looking to build some healthy habits this is a great place to start. They are not rules by any means (I hate rules) but they are an excellent place to start if you are looking for some direction. You don’t need to establish them all at one time. Try tackling one a week or just take as much time as you need to master it. Then move to the next habit.

Healthy Habit Tracker

Use this chart to help track those healthy habits from above and to hold yourself accountable. Hell, if you want turn it in to me each week as homework. Keep it at home, your desk, in you wallet and evaluate your progress.

One Week Meal Plan

This one week meal plan features a few of the easiest and healthiest Paleo recipes from around the web. If you are looking to try the Paleo diet or are looking for a bit of variety in your current plan this is a great place to start. Download this  along with the shopping list.

Grocery Shopping List

This shopping list goes along with the one week meal plan featured above. Make sure to download them both. It provides a list of all the ingredients needed to cap off a perfect paleo week of eating. Follow the plan exactly or use the ingredients to whip up your own meals.

13 Steps To Perfect Paleo

The 13 steps to perfect Paleo is an easy to understand quick-start guide to the Paleo diet. What foods to eat, what to avoid, and some other lifestyle habits to start thinking about that will help you find you inner caveman or woman. Just don't start hitting anyone over the head with a giant dinosaur bone.

Eating Well Chart

The eating well chart is a simple and easy to follow guide to quickly improving your eating habits immediately. It features five easy and actionable steps along with a few extra resources you can use to educate yourself and start you on the path to living a healthier lifestyle. If tackling all five is to difficult just start with one at a time and build upon that success.

Healthy Fats Guide

The healthy fats guide clears up some of the misconception around fats being bad for us. Featured are some of the healthiest fats to eat and how to properly use them for meals. Including which ones are best for cooking and which ones should not be used under heat due to oxidative damage. Learn which ones to avoid and a quick tip to balance your omega 6 and omega 3 ratios.

DIY Exercise Chart

If you are not sure what to do at home or the next time you hit the gym this should help you to create your own workout. A list of exercises broken down into bodyweight, upper and lower body, push and pull movements, Even has some interval training.

2 Questions To Start Your Day

Ask yourself these two questions every morning for a week and see how your entire mindset begins to change for the better. It's truly is amazing.


Get instant access to your free resources by joining the Limitless community

I’m sending you a virtual fist bump, but never SPAM. View my privacy policy.


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Love Limitless365 philosophy, attitude and common sense. I chanced upon your site by accident and was really impressed by what you had to say on diet and nutrition that I subscribed to your email blogs. That was just over 2 years ago and I am massively impressed by your single minded focus and dedication to leading a healthier life and making change possible. Your inspiration got me from a bloated 85kg carbo junkie to a healthy happy 76 kg in a few months and have maintained that weight now for 2 years. I don’t often write to people but thought I owe it to you to say a big THANK YOU. Keep up your inspiring work. – Paul Weddepohl 

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