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Beyond our greatest fears lie our greatest treasures.  So if we are not willing to face our fears, there is little chance that we will ever really be well and whole.  This seems to be the fundamental challenge of human life.  If our care is about fostering wholeness and wellness in others, then we will have to support and challenge them through their fears.  And we cannot do this very well from an abstract distance; it will require our own courage and our own conviction in the treasures to be gained.

The Limitless List

What is it?

The limitless list is not a bucket list. A bucket list is filled with random acts or pipe dreams that you do not have any real emotional ties to. The focus is on doing something before you die as opposed to taking action while you LIVE! We tend to just throw items down onto a bucket list just because we think these things should go on it. Often times loosing site behind the real motives of the event.

  • Make $100,000 a year
  • Earn a Ph.D
  • Travel around the world

While these are very impressive and well deserved goals to achieve, the limitless list explores the “why” behind it. Why do you want to make $100,000 a year? Why do you want a Ph.D? Why do you want to travel around the world? Do these things make you come alive! Dive a little deeper into your soul and explore.

Ask yourself why you actually want to do something or achieve a goal. You might say you want to make $100,000 a year so that you can do more things. It might not be the money you really want. It may actually be freedom and the choice to pursue those dreams when and how you want. On your own terms.

Do you want to travel the world so that you can visit Argentina and learn the tango, or hit up South Africa to bungee jump off the Bloukrans Bridge? Think about the emotional response that you will receive from it. How will these limitless items challenge you, make you better, teach you new skills, help others? Avoid filling it with items you think you should be doing according to the status quo and fill it with items that move you. Make you laugh, cry, give you goosebumps. This is your list… not anyone else’s!

Fill your list with shit that scares the pee out of you, things you feel like you don’t deserve, challenges to push you and get you outside your comfort zone.

Think of ways you can better others lives in the process. Be creative and most importantly have fun!!

PS: There is noting wrong with wanting to do something awesome for no apparent reason but because it’s awesome… like drinking a green beer in Ireland on St. Patty’s day. Just say’n.

Justin’s Limitless List for World Domination.

Rules: Only two

1. I am able to add and subtract items as I see fit. We are constantly evolving beings with ever-changing ideas and goals. Circumstances come up and it may be necessary to mix-it-up a bit.

2. I’m keeping the list short but it will grow into a MONSTER! I am easily over-whelmed with giant to-do lists. They plain just scare me. I’m getting anxiety now just thinking about them. If I see to many things on a list I can never figure out where to start or I try to do too many things at once and then nothing gets done and I’m left twiddling my thumbs. That’s not living limitless.

You’ll also see a few lifetime goals at the bottom that I think a frick’n sweet. Achieving them would mean that I get to buy myself a championship belt that says “I am LIMITLESS.” I would call it the Bradley Cooper NZT belt for champions (long… yes…but awesome…yes!)

The Theme

My list has a theme. It’s based on the 7 treasures from Michael Dewan-Herrick. Click the link for in-depth details but I’ll sum-up the badassness below. I choose to do this because I felt that each would have a tremendous impact on my personal growth as a person… and allow me to do some pretty cool stuff.

1. Vividness and Vibrancy (experience): Opening up to all experiences. To delve into human potential and spirit. Physical, emotional, the good, bad, and ugly. Long story short… The more experiences the better.

2. Self-awareness, confidence (solitude): To be completely familiar with who you are so that when any new experience arrives we embrace it with eyes wide-open and enthusiasm.

3. Love (intimacy): Get your heads out of the gutter people. I’m talking about a simple connection with another human being. I’d like to impact at least one persons life in a major way.

4. Empowerment (responsibility): Spiderman said it best “with great power comes great responsibility.” To take responsibility for my actions and realize that as minute as they may seem, our decisions on a daily basis have a ripple effect on the lives of others and the world around us.

5. Transformation (identity loss): The ability to let go of who we think we are and accept that we can always be something new. The best thing about life is that you can completely re-invent yourself in an instance. You just have to let allow yourself to let go of the old you. To not be defined by societies ideals of what your life is supposed to be like. To create your own path, your own story, your own dream. To never let it be defined by someone else…. EVER!

6. Mastery (excellence): To fulfill the biggest dreams that you have for yourself. To continue living by your own morals, values, and priorities. To understand that failures are opportunities for better experiences in the future.

7. Energy and Humor (impermanence): To understand that the world around us is forever evolving and changing. To take hardships with a grain of salt, laugh as often as possible, and to stay committed to having as much gosh darn fun as possible on this crazy journey.


Random Challenges:

April 2012: Meditate every day. Start with 5 minutes and work my way up to 30. (What I learned from it)
May 2012: 1 week body and mind cleanse. (What I learned from it)
June 2012: Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
July 2012: 30 days to fix your nutrition plan

This calendar year: (April 1-April 1, 2013)

Ride a bull
Learn parkour
85ft cliff jump in Oahu, HI

Read 1 book a week (that’s 52 books people!)

Swim with dolphins (big animals scare the pee out of me)
Write a manifesto (complete) (+1 more )
Build a blog with 1,000 subscribers
Launch “The ultimate recycling project.”
Finish my precision nutrition certification (complete, 5/16/12)
Learn how to dance (complete, 7/5/12)
Bungee jump again… but with my GoPro
Visit a winery (complete, 8/31/12)
Ride in a hot air balloon
Volunteer at habitat for humanity again (complete, 5/11/12)
Learn to surf (well)
First triathlon
Collect honey from a beehive
Get out of debt (8,000, 5,000, 4,000) it was for a good cause 😀 trip around the world, skydives, and bungee jumps

On the horizon:

I’ve been fortunate enough to have already experience some life changing things that have helped me grow. So far I have been able to visit 4 out of the 7 continents (all 7 is a goal). Ride camels, elephants, jump out of planes, bridges, and experience some amazing cultures and people along the way. There is such a fast array of experiences to be had and now I am hoping to focus on those things that really help me become better than I am. It is also my goal to help as many people along the way to do the same. After all, we are all in this together, right? Thanks for joining the Limitless Team!

This 1 year list is just a way to put a time stamp on what I want to accomplish. Something to hold me accountable. I am sure there will be other adventures big and small as well as knowledge and experiences along the way. Best to you on your quest as well.

If any of you are doing something AWESOME! Or want to share your limitless list, please do. Id love to see it in the comments or contact me.


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