The Busy Person's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Looking Better Naked:  Finally make yourself a priority, lose fat, and get fit in 8 weeks no matter how  busy you are.

If you're busier than ever and struggling to stay healthy and fit. If you have more stress, more responsibilities, and less time and energy to spend taking care of yourself and health. If you're not happy with the way you look and feel. And if you're getting frustrated because you know what you need to do but struggle to actually do it? Then the Busy Person's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Looking Better Naked is for you.  


I didn't want to create another fitness program that included empty promises and bullshit advice. I wanted to build a system that addressed your most pressing needs. One that solved all of your biggest health, fitness, and life issues.

So I asked you what you needed to help you finally solve this complicated fitness puzzle. After surveying over 2,000 people I created a guide that helps you solve some of the REAL WORLD problems you shared with me:

"I feel hopeless. I don't know how I'm going to be able to lose weight with how I crave short term rewards (the feeling I get from food). I feel like even if I somehow do lose 15 lbs, I'm just going to put it back on & it's not worth it."

"My biggest struggle has been trying to ignore the inner voice of self-doubt that tells me “you can’t do this, you’re not strong enough.” I’ve always let my fear of failure get in the way of achieving the body that I’ve dreamed of since I can remember. I have to let go of the self-doubt by just jumping in and not overthink…stuff so much. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Suffice it to say, it’s easier said than done but I’m trying to have a different mindset."

"My biggest problem is diet consistency. I was so disciplined for so long it ended up backfiring on me. Now that I’m out of that place, finding the balance between consistent healthy eating habits and enjoying some junk, while not as difficult as it sounds, I MAKE it too difficult. That’s my problem in general, I make things a lot more difficult for myself than it should be. I do NOT want to eat the same thing every day or every other day, even though I know that would make it simple for me, so finding that balance between simplicity and choices, needing variety without going off the deep end…."

"My biggest struggle is my eating habits on the weekend. I go well during the week and then beer, chips and chocolate become the weekend main foods. Countless times I wake up feeling bloated and sluggish but I continue the cycle."

"I’m not gonna lie, lately I’ve been struggling quite a bit with my fitness/eating. I find one of the hardest things is the people that you associate yourself with. And i know thats no excuse but when your childhood friends don't have fitness as their priority and love playing video games, eating pizza, fast food, etc… daily. without having someone there to do it with you and call you lazy, makes you, encourages you, and pushes you, to go to the gym, or any sort of exercise; it’s pretty hard to stay motivated."

"Flexibility: All-or-nothing mindset and especially with dieting this can be disastrous for progressing with fat-loss. It’s still something I need to learn; enjoy normal healthy yet tasty foods in the right amounts. It’s especially difficult when I am not at home i.e. I eat somewhere where I cannot monitor my intake, which makes ‘oh well, might as well enjoy it now anyways’ thoughts come up quickly. Freely available foods - going all out crazy."

"Patience: no matter who you are you always want quick results. The key for me here is to focus less on what I am doing, looking in the mirror/scale daily doesn’t make it easier to deal with the impatience. In other words I give less focus to diet/training in the sense that I spend less time thinking about it, spend more time doing useful things like studying, socializing, etc."

"Getting motivated is my issue. I have plans and promises but can’t seem to get to the gym. So, I have a little gym at the house; barbells, dumb bells, videos, floor mats, small Hoist weight machine in the garage. Now I have a hard time getting to the stinking garage."





I've been coaching busy individuals just like you to build healthy habits that actually stick. Over those 15 years I've noticed a common theme amongst the busiest people and if you're one of them I bet it is this:

Exercise and nutrition feels like one more damn thing you need to cram into your day. For example, do your days look like this:

6:00am: Alarm goes off. Time to get ready for the day although your bed sounds like a better option.

6:30am: Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and get dressed. You're still exhausted - it never feels like you get enough rest anymore.

7:00-7:30am: Standard breakfast of coffee, bagel, and juice. It's all you have time for. You're in a hurry. Getting the kids ready, responding to emails, and making sure you didn't forget something... you always seem to.

8am: Leave for work. Eat in the car. Spill some coffee on yourself.

9am: Arrive at work. You've got a ton on your plate and figuring out where to get started feels overwhelming. You'd like to throw up your hands and say fuck it but you have a good work ethic and decide against it.

5pm: Leave work. Wrestle with the decision to get off at one exit to go to the gym or another exit and head home. You're completely exhausted, motivation is low, and going home to relax sounds way better.

6pm: Pick up kids or run some errands

7pm: Arrive at home, start dinner, feed & change baby, laundry, play with baby, do school work, etc...

7pm-8pm: Somehow figure a way to eat something fast. It usually involves a meal you picked up through a window or can put in the microwave. 

8:00-9pm: Prep materials for next workday & drink some wine... ok, a LOT of wine.

10pm: Wash dishes, take care of kids, or try and relax for a minute. Something on Netflix sure sounds good right about now.

10:30pm: Try to go to sleep. You feel dead tired - why can't you fall asleep?

2am: Wake up randomly.

6:00am: Start all over again.

Look at that schedule. Nevermind 60 minutes - You want to know how in the hell you're going to find 20 minutes for yourself to workout and make a healthy meal.

Trying to find balance between work or school, time with friends and family, on personal interests, and to top it off trying to find time to exercise and eat healthy feels nearly impossible.

It’s so much easier to hit up a drive through or order takeout than it is to think about what to make and then to take the time to make it.

And if you have a family it can be even tougher. What if your significant other or kids arn’t interested in eating healthier? No way in hell you’re making two separate dinners.

But what really makes this so damn frustrating is that you really want to do it! You desperately want to get healthier, fitter, and change your life for the better. At this point you're either unbelievably inspired or completely desperate.

So what do you do?

You read another blog post about how to lose stubborn belly fat. 

You search for another diet to follow. Because this time everything will be different, right?

You jump from one workout to another hopping that this will be the one that gets you the results you've been chasing for years.

You buy another supplement that promises to help you lose that last 15 pounds or you try yet another cleanse to jump start your progress.

But what always happens? You go strong for 2 to 4 weeks and the wheels fall off again and your back right where you started. Except this time more frustrated and disappointed in yourself for screwing it up again.

So what keeps happening?

  1. You're trying to do too much at once and getting overwhelmed when "life happens."
  2. You're making time for everything and everyone else and forgetting to take care of yourself
  3. You're focusing on being perfect instead of getting better
  4. You're relying on motivation and willpower to get you to do this instead of following a simplified and proven system that helps you build habits and consistency
  5. You're not getting any support or accountability

That's why I created the Busy Person's Guide to Health, Fitness, and Looking Better Naked. To help solve real world problems like the ones below.

Until my mid-20s I never had to worry about my weight - I could eat and drink more or less as I pleased and not put on weight. Consequently as I became less physically active (desk job, favourite hobby video games, etc) and continued with the same bad eating habits I had always had, the pounds began to slowly accumulate and suddenly one day I looked in the mirror and I was fat. The scary part was how little conscious realisation I had that I was getting that way (though on an unconscious level I absolutely knew every time I ate crap that it was the wrong thing to be doing. I bet most over-eaters with even a basic knowledge of nutrition feel like this, even if they - like me - won't admit it to themselves). So here I am today, in my mid-30s, weighing a little over 230lb, when my ideal is somewhere between 165-175lb. I know what I have to do to feel better about myself - my goals couldn't be simpler.

- Limitless365 Reader

I'm busier than ever! More stress, more responsibilities, and less time and energy. This can lead to stress eating and late night binges. I'm not happy with how I look and feel (depressed, sad, keeps me from being motivated). I know what to do but struggle to do it - and it pisses me off!

- Limitless365 Reader

I've been really depressed for the last two years and I've been eating a crap ton of bad food as a result. At this point its hard to stop this unhealthy habit as I always just find it easier to just drive up to a drive-thru instead of having a home cooked meal. Furthermore, its gotten to the point where I see a food place and I just mindlessly go there and just spend my money on food that I don't even need to buy when there's actually some at home. I need to stop but I have a very lazy personality. It's so much easier to grab fast food when it's like 2 minutes away and a meal at home will take like 30 minutes and then I gotta clean!

- Limitless365 Reader


Problem #1: Fitness Information Overload

What's the best way to get started? Where should you start? Is this diet the way to go or should you be following another one? Maybe, it's time for a sugar detox? With so much conflicting information out there you end up like a deer in headlights - frozen.  Another week goes by and you haven't changed a thing.

The BPFG removes fitness information overload by giving you a step by step proven system to follow. You won't be asked to change everything at once. Instead, you're asked to practice 1 single healthy habit at a time. When you're confident you've got the habit down you can move to the next one at your own pace.

Problem #2 - Me, myself, and I

As one student put it, "I realize that in order for me to be happy I need to work. But let me tell ya how much I enjoy just chillin and watching TV. I can't keep doing that. I've been enjoying just relaxing too much. I need to just get up and go. When I think about it, I should just do it. not think about it."

The BPFG has an entire section dedicated to changing your relationship and mindset around health and fitness. Instead of training and nutrition feeling like another chore they'll now feel like empowering choices you've made.

Some of the techniques you'll learn include:

The best friend test

Redefining what counts as exercise: Sneaky ways to move

Busting your beliefs and personal biases

Communicating your needs to others

Weekly self-compassion cheat sheet and daily self care needs

The superpower test: Identifying your personal superpowers to help you succeed

How to set goals that help you instead of hurt you

Problem #3: I hate going to the gym, I'm lazy, unmotivated, and easily distracted (ex: Facebook, social pressure, Netflix, and.... see, I just clicked on another tab on my browser

The BPFG will redefine what actually counts as working out and eating right. You'll also be given 20 minute high intensity workouts that can be done at home using your own bodyweight or minimal equipment.

Nutrition is simplified so that you'll only be practicing the 20% of things that produce 80% of your results. No strict all or nothing diets and complicated meal plans that you can't follow. Nope,  instead you'll practice one tiny habit and be given simple recipes that take as little as 10-minutes to make.

Will you always be motivated to workout and eat right? Hell no! That's why the BPFG gives you the tools to help make training and eating well easier to do.

You'll learn how to:

Set up your environment so that it influences you to make the right decisions

Talk to your loved ones so that they actually support you instead of sabotaging you

Identifying the things in your life that are limiting you and how to push past them

Problem #4 - I don't have time! My schedule is too demanding

I don't have time is code for it's just not a priority. Seriously, how many times have you said this to yourself before? The truth is if your favorite musician game into town tomorrow or your buddy offered you great seats to a big game you'd magically find the time to go.

No no no Justin, I really don't have the time but my health is a real priority for me. Cool! The BPFG will show you how you can create more time for yourself and your health by using a simple time tracking domination guide. You'll learn to identify what your real priorities are, how to drop, delegate, and defer certain things so you can create more time for yourself, and what to do when "time sucks" take over.

Problem #5 - My budget doesn't allow for a healthy lifestyle

Becoming the healthiest version of yourself shouldn't be expensive. Grocery bills can be ridiculous if you don't know what to buy and what to avoid. Gym memberships can add up and sessions with a personal trainer are expensive as heck.

The BPFG will show you how to save money at the grocery store, what to buy organic and what not to waste your time on, how to workout at home so you can avoid gym dues and crowds. and the 6 recipe technique that may save you hundreds.

Problem #6 - I have no one to support me

As one student put it, "I'm not looking for motivation. I believe motivation is a temporary fix to a life-long problem. I'm looking for solutions and support, most of which, I simply don't have. Believe it or not, there's no AA for those with food issues. There's no place you can go and expect people to identify with your situation.

As a BONUS I've created a private community and unlimited access to me as your coach so that you'll always have someone in your corner to provided support, give you feedback, and answer questions when you have them. 


  • Create More Time

    Create more time to exercise even if you have a full time job/school, kids, and other responsibilities by using the 20 minute AMRAP system.

  • Healthy Nutrition Habits

    Prepare healthy meals that are not complicated, take ridiculous amounts of time, and that everyone will love. 

  • Roll With The Punches

    Because life happens and things come up unexpectedly I’ll show you how to eat healthy on the go, at fast-food restaurants, and teach you prepare healthy meals that involve no cooking.

  • DIY

    I’ll teach you how to create your own 5, 10, 15, and 20 minute workouts you can do at home, while traveling, or with one piece of equipment.

  • Stronger Mindset

    How to get motivated and produce unlimited willpower when you just feel like giving up.

  • Priority You

    Finally make yourself a priority without feeling like a bad parent, student, or significant other.

  • Life Balance

    How to balance work/school, family, and life by managing stress and mastering your emotions.

  • Results That Stick

    Teach you strategies for keeping the fat off for the long run so that you don’t have to do this all over again.

  • Stress Free

    Tips, tricks, and hacks to help you destress even when things feel like too much.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Guide

Last night I got as far as the first assignment of asking myself the questions. It turned out to be moving and powerful to recognize that my health is important to me coming from an aspect of being good to myself and loving myself.

Vanessa Limitless365 Reader

I am writing you to tell you that you have given me hope that I can do this… I can't wait to send you a before and after picture as I strive to reach my goals! Thank you for providing the resources I need and the encouragement through those resources. I can't wait to change my life!

Amanda Limitless365 Reader


Mindset Guide Book - This will teach you strategies for staying motivated, consistent, and show you want to do if you do happen to slip up. There are also special exercises for you to take action with that will show you how to:

  • Develop more self-compassion
  • Discover your "deep reason" for wanting to get healthier 
  • Identify limiting factors that keep you from getting results

Healthy Habits & Nutrition Guide Book - Is divided into 8 healthy habits that you can practice one at a time so you're never overwhelmed. There are no restrictive, boring, and complicated diets to follow. Instead you'll be taught how to:

  • Eat foods you enjoy while still losing fat and get healthy without overhauling your entire life
  • Never feel overwhelmed, lost, or confused about what to eat again.
  • The 8 most important nutrition habits you need to create for short and long-term success
  • Why you don't need to be perfect to get results

The Fitness Guide Book - Will show you how to exercise for results no matter your age, gender, skill level, or knowledge. All of the workouts in the guide are 20 minutes or less and require minimal to no equipment. Some the 20 minute workout plans included are:

  • Bodyweight only workout
  • Dumbbell only workout
  • Barbell only workout
  • Kettle bell only workout
  • Create your own 20 minute workout guide.

Full Exercise Library - You'll have complete access to LimitlessBODY exercise vault. 

  • Over 120 HD exercise demonstration videos that include resistance training, cardio, and stretching and flexibility.
  • Know exactly what each exercise looks like and how it should be performed with correct form
  • Have exercise substitutions and modifications at your disposal in case you need to make changes to your workout on the fly
  • Desktop, mobile, and iPad or tablet compatible

Meal and Shake Recipes - Included are some of my favorite and easy to prepare and meal and shake recipes. All of the recipes take less than 20 minutes to make (most less than 10) and don't include a long list of ingredients.

  • Chorizo stuffed peppers
  • Healthy and delicious captain crunch cereal
  • Philly cheesesteak 
  • Strawberry, spinach, and protein packed salad
  • You're so nutz meal replacement shake
  • Bonus: My very personal "go-to" meals when I'm pinched for time.

Bonus Resources - Also included are over 20 extra downloadable resources, cheat sheets, and exercises to help you simplify the process of getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle. Including but not limited to:

  • The Real Food Chart and Grocery Shopping Cheat Sheet
  • Redefining fitness and sneaky ways to move
  • Busting your beliefs 
  • Superpower discovery-kit
  • Identifying limiting factors worksheet
  • And much much more...

Support - Includes 24/7 support with any product that I create. If you have questions or need some help you can email me at anytime. Don't believe me? Go for it right now.



There's no catch. Try the guide for 60 days and if you're not happy with the content just let me know and I will refund your investment with no questions asked.

Don't Waste Another Year Diet Hopping and Changing Workouts Every Few Weeks. 

Risk Free Guarantee

Guarantee – I’m so confident that this guide will work for you that I am offering a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. Try the guide, practice the habits, do the workouts, and if you’re unhappy with the product just contact me and ask for a refund. 


Your Ebook will be available for instant download after payment

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Q: Can't I just find all of this information online for free?

No, the workouts, nutrition guides, and the mindset practices that I have developed in this program are unique. I've spent the last 15 years and thousands of dollars learning exercise science, earning various nutrition certifications, studying behavioral psychology, and working with some of the best teachers in the world to create a clear, organized, and detailed program so that you don't have to sift through the B.S. that's on the internet.

Q: What if I’m interested but not ready to start just yet? 

That's ok. You can start whenever you're ready. 

Q: How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you're someone that has struggled to stay consistent with long and boring exercise routines and "diet" plan then this is a good fit for you. There are no plans in this guide. Instead, you're given multiple 20 minute workouts that can be done anywhere, regardless of equipment. There are also no diets. Instead, I've broken nutrition down into easy to understand habits that will allow you to lose fat, get healthy, and look better naked enjoying foods you love and without having to overhaul your life.

Q: What if I buy it and discover it's not for me?

No problem. I offer a 60 day risk free 100% money back guarantee.

Q: I haven't worked out in years. Will I be able to do the workouts?

Definitely! Each workout comes with exercise modifications and video demonstrations so that anyone, regardless of age, gender, skill level, or knowledge and do these workouts.

Q: I want to try it but I'm worried I won't be able to stick to the plan.

Luckily for you there is no strict plan that you have to follow. I've developed this guide so that you can't fail. You're only asked to practice 1 healthy habit. Once you've mastered that you can move on to the next one. No more trying to change your entire life to get healthy and fit - you'll only need to make one small change at a time.

Q: If I need help or have questions while working through the course what can I do?

You can email me at anytime. If you start the guide and are struggling feel free to reach out to me and ask for help. I'm more than happy to answer any question and provide support. If you and I feel that more in-depth coaching is necessary I give anyone that purchases any product at special discount for 1-on-1 coaching.

Q: How quickly can I expect to lose weight, make progress, and see results using this guide?

If you're consistent with the habits and training program you should see results within the first week. With that said, losing fat and getting healthy is a matter of consistent practice over time. The more consistent you are with the program the better and faster your results. Results will vary for everyone but .5 to 2 pounds lost per week and .5 to 2% body fat lost per month is a great measure of progress.

Q: What do I do after I have completed the guide? 

Maybe the best part about this guide is that it teaches you healthy lifestyle habits that will become automatic. You will have built a foundation for losing fat and building lean muscle that can last a lifetime. All you have to do is continue to practice what you've learned in the guide.

Q: Ok, I'm ready to order. What happens after I purchase the guide?

Right after you click the get started today button you'll be redirected to a secure order form where you will make a payment via credit card or Paypal. After payment, you will receive a confirmation email and message with your downloads. BOOM! You'll be ready to go in 2 minutes.

Still have questions? Email them to me here and I'll be happy to answer.


My goal with this guide was to simplify the heck out of getting healthy, fit, and looking better naked for the busiest of souls. I'm confident that with the 20 minutes workouts, nutrition habits, and mindset strategies you'll have no problem creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself no matter how hectic if feels right now.

I'm so confident that I'm offering a 60 day 100% risk free money back guarantee

Thank you for your continuing to support Limitless365 and our mission to help people create a Limitless body, mind, and life.

With gratitude,


PS: Here's a funny meme about how busy we are. Enjoy 

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