30 Truths in 30 Days: The First 30 Days of Paleo and What To Expect.

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30 Truths in 30 Days

1. The first 3 days do not expect miracles – Do not even expect a good mood. You will be having carb-withdrawal symptoms and feeling shitty and lethargic and like it’s all not worth it. Be a bitch if you need to. Have a cry. But push through, it’s worth it. Remember you are choosing to do this, because you choose life!

2. The first week your body will detox and you will find yourself flushing out – Don’t be too worried about the frequent bathroom trips. Your body will react strangely to increased fat consumption, but no fear, it’s only temporary.You may find crushing cravings hard, but just say no! – Every day you make it through without slipping off the wagon, the easier it becomes and the stronger your ability to exercise will power. Just do it.

3. You will not feel like exercising at all for about the first two weeks – Just do what you can. Your body is becoming fat adapted.

4. You will begin to analyse food labels and then realise, if it has a label, I shouldn’t be eating it – Shopping trips become shorter (and a bit more expensive and a bit more worth it!) as you only skim the outside of the supermarket for the fresh groceries and meat and fish supplies. You only brave going down the aisles when it’s time to top up your extra oils, herbs and spices.

5. As you begin to enter the third and fourth weeks, your energy levels begin to return to normal – In fact, you start to feel the beginning of what will become amazing, all day, constant energy. Say goodbye to three-thirty-itis!

6. Your emotions will stabilise – I haven’t really had any “low” days since I started. Not that I was prone to this particularly, but I just feel happy, all the time. I suppose no sugar influencing my state?? It’s nice.

7. Coconut was God’s gift to our Neanderthal ancestors. Seriously –  The milk is delicious, to drink, to cook with, and in coffee! The meat is a great snack and so filling! And the oil?! Where do I begin…makes everything tasty, is great to eat off the spoon for a snack (amazing if you have tendencies to binge, for it completely kills all cravings after just one spoon and 15 minutes!) and it makes your hair, skin, and nails so luxurious!

8. You learn to love fat – It adds texture and flavour and will keep you full for hours. Plus it’s a fantastic energy source!

9. Your stomach knows no time/meal constraints – You eat when you’re hungry, and you stop when you’re full. All the protein and fat usually means you don’t feel like snacking and you’re not bound by the clock (so liberating!)

10. All cravings for anything artificial, sugary, overly-processed literally disappear – You may feel discomfort for a week while you actively control your eating, but then it becomes second nature, and that ice cream or bag of chips you once craved now looks more like a day or two of insane intestinal discomfort and close proximity to a bathroom.

11. You learn to become quite a whiz in the kitchen – Step aside Jamie Oliver! The fresh and natural foods mean more prep time and more meal planning, but your performance in the kitchen improves exponentially and you learn to have fun turning old neolithic recipes into paleo-friendly feasts!

12. You never get bloated. Ever. Ladies, not even when it’s ‘that time of the month.’ Bring on the six packs!!

13. You don’t have to give up your social life – Caveman liked to seek pleasure too, and I’m sure they partied. Let me introduce you to the NorCal Margarita (but be warned it will stall your weight loss or fitness efforts).

14. You realise you can make any meal at a restaurant Paleo-friendly if you just swap a few sides and ask for no dressings. Easy!

15. Can anyone else smell that? – If you having gone Very Low Carb (VLC), like I have, and have started to supplement with Fish Oil and the likes you may find that your body odour changes and your breath may smell. If you need, try chewing on some peppermint leaves.

16. You need to consume water like it’s going out of fashion – The extra protein requires more water for your body to wash out toxins and waste. VLC will also find you need tons more water just to feel hydrated and to stop your mouth from drying. Drink up!

17. Go Sleep! Trust me you need it. – Without sleep everything else is basically not worth your efforts. Shut that screen off and go get your 40 winks. If you’re doing it right, you should sleep like a log every night, and be able to wake up without an alarm clock. Did anyone order a healthy dose of rest and recovery?

18. Going VLC may disrupt your sleep due to a decrease in insulin levels, try using Vitamin D and Magnesium just before bed time. Caution: Lucid dreams at own risk! (I never used to remember my dreams, but since using Vit D and Magnesium, it seems every night I have a whole nother life going on in my dreams…kind of awesome!)

19. Expect your skin blemishes to clear up, your eyes to brighten, your hair to be shinier and to feel an all round glowing feeling!

20. You’re not fit – No matter how many miles you can run on the treadmill, or how many zumba classes you attend, or how heavy you think that 10kg bar is in pump class; until you do Crossfit, you are not fit. ‘Nuff said.

21. Forget what it is like to have a pain-free body – Crossfit will force you to work hard. You will max out at every workout. You will also probably injure yourself. Often. But big efforts return big rewards. Remember, strong is the new skinny.

22. You may feel heavy after a big protein meal, or like you’ve put on 3 kg, but you haven’t – You eat less for the same feeling of satiety and while your meals may be more calorie dense, you are still losing weight! But forget the scales, take measurements and judge by the way your clothes fit. Also keep check of how your physical performance improves. Expect to be amazed!

23. In between scheduling more time for sleep and more time for exercise, you will also need to fit in time for socializing – The Paleo/Crossfit communities are so great and supportive, and you are bound to make a whole load of new friends!

24. Your phrasebook will expand to include popular comments like “Is it Paleo?” and “I can’t. I have Crossfit.”

25. Almost everything mass media ever led you to believe about health and nutrition is false – Apart from teaching your body a new existence, the Paleo/Crossfit world will be as much a challenge for your mental space. You learn to challenge commonly accepted social ideals, and you enter a whole nother league of health and fitness knowledge. If like me, you love to get your geek on, you will spend a lot of time reading blogs/forums/articles/journals so that you can get as much information as you can to make this the best experiment/lifestyle change you have ever completed for yourself.

26. You learn to deal with a lot of shit – You will be the recipient of many, confused stares, words of mis-informed abuse, and questions from the informed, the intrigued and the ignorant. People are threatened by what they don’t know. Some will say it’s a “fad,” and some will say it’s just complete crap. Just expect when you tell others of your choices you are welcoming a variety of responses. You’ve been warned.

27. Never excuse the choices you make – You shouldn’t have to make up false illnesses (e.g. gluten/lactose intolerant) to explain your new lifestyle. When did it become more acceptable in society to have an illness than it did to decide to do this for a better you?

28-30. You don’t regret the day you decided to start –

Day 31…and it only gets better from here.

  • Anyone going Paleo? Are you already a Paleo eater? How were your first 30 days? Post to comments.
  • Ready to start building healthy Paleo habits? Check out the LimitlessBODY Blueprint

Live limitless,


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  • Shana

    A very interesting and informative read! Does Paleo work for all ages? Is it better for men or women? … Keep up this info.. Great article

    • Justin

      Thanks for responding. Hmmm… same last name as my friend and guest poster. Related? She did an excellent job. Paleo works great for all ages as it emphasizes “REAL” food. The foods we are meant to eat from the beginning for time. It’s not sexist either. Wether you have a Wee-Wee or Va-jay-jay (I apologize in advance for my inappropriateness… that’s just how I roll).

      • Shana

        Dear Justin … She is my beautiful daughter! .. However I do read as an uninformed neolithic with awe at the Paleo experiment.. Have not yet embarked on the journey… So the questions were genuine… Thanks for a great response!

        • Justin

          Shana love… I respect that 😀 Thanks for sharing

  • http://www.searchingforhappy.com Searching for Happy

    Amazing post! I was looking for a resource like this when I did a paleo experiment on my site a few months ago, but I didn’t find anything similar.

    You explained the timelines that I experienced perfectly, with the exception of adding in the caffeine withdrawal. Even though I didn’t stick through to see the limitless energy part, it’s nice to know that there is an end to the rough waters and smooth sailing beyond!


    • Justin

      Absolutely. My good friend Steffi Radnan put that together for me. We’ve both been through it and a ton of questions were coming about what to expect when one makes the transition. Caffeine, withdrawal…. Argh yes. The worst, it’s life’s blood that fuels me.

      I just checked out your site. I love the experiments. I just finished a 30 day meditation one myself. We should chat a bit.

      Stay up and live limitless!

      • http://www.searchingforhappy.com Searching for Happy

        I’d love to chat! I think we have a lot of ways we can definitely help each other out. If nothing else, I’d love some guidance on some of my exercise experiments!

        As you can see, I already put a link to this article for people who had followed my earlier experiment in eating paleo. It’s nice to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for those detox symptoms!

        • http://Www.limitless365.com Justin

          Absolutely. Would love to help in any exercise experiments. I have a couple I plan on doing the next few months. Let’s bounce some ideas. Shoot me an email Justin (at) limitless365 (dot) com maybe we can set up a Skype sesh

          • http://www.crossfitforaqueen.wordpress.com Steffi

            Ohhhh exercise experiments…enticing….can I have in?? :)

          • http://www.searchingforhappy.com Searching for Happy

            Heck yeah Steffi! Jump right in! This week is a Tabatas Training experiment! I’d love everyone’s feedback and impressions!

        • http://limitless365.com Justin

          Tabata training! Love it. I’m checking it out

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  • http://marriedwithdebt.com John @ Married (with Debt)

    I’ve been doing the Slow Carb Diet for a few months, which is pretty similar. I can vouch for the emotions during the first month. After 3-4 weeks things stabilize.

    • http://Www.limitless365.com Justin

      Nice John! How has your progress been? Did you read about it in Ferris’s 4-hour body? Nice job on your site as well.

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    • http://www.bing.com/ Jase

      It’s a pleasure to find someone who can idetnfiy the issues so clearly

      • http://Www.limitless365.com Justin

        Glad you enjoyed it. Steffi did a great job here. How is your paleo journey going?

  • Jen M

    I am just finishing day 2 and I’m starving, but totally not interested in any of my food options (I would seriously cut someone to have a graham cracker). However, my husband and I are determined to do this for 30 days. We have our anniversary and Halloween to contend with, but we are DOING IT!!! Terrible headache all day and no energy. Thanks for this “what to expect”. It’s good to know what is coming.

    • http://limitless365.com Justin


      Glad the post helped a bit. Like most habits it takes time to adjust. Just like learning to drive stick or taking on a new project at work. Sometimes it can start out a little frustrating but soon it becomes automatic.

      Did you have any specific questions or need any help at all. Please do not hesitate to give me a shout.

      Congrats to you and the hubby on a great decision.


    i have not started my paleo life, just yet! I recently purchased “IT STARTS WITH FOOD” i just started reading, so im not into the part where the food plays in…My boyfriend and i are moving in together and we both are pretty extreme, either super healthy! or super un-healthy! i read that turning paleo will help you never turn back! im i am tired of turning back, lossing 20 to just gain them right back!
    im just really nervous, i doubt myself..
    im a soon to be cooker, ive never had to cook for just myself, and now i have to learn to cook for two!
    im just nervous/intimadated…
    i do alot of research and have been reading about experiences, and i know this is what i want to start…so why cant i just start?

    • http://limitless365.com Justin

      You’re reading an excellent book to get you started. The benefits of a Paleo approach are that it is just so simple to follow. Most of the foods included are those that you most likely already consume. That yo-yo in weight usually occurs because the word “diet” already has a temporary association to it. It usually is something you don’t plan to stay with for very long on can stay with for very long. Nutrition really has to be something of a lifestyle change that you can see yourself doing for the long-haul.

      You can start. Admit that it is going to be hard work and then ask yourself if you are capable of doing this and is it worth it. Ask yourself those two questions every single morning.

      You got this!

  • http://fantasticpaleorecipes.com paleo challenge meal plan

    We are a group of volunteers and opening a new scheme in our community.
    Your web site provided us with valuable information to work on.
    You have done a formidable job and our whole community will
    be grateful to you.

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  • Lulu

    I’m on day 3 and yesterday was horrible! It’s nice to know I’m not going crazy. At least it’ll get better and these darn headaches and fatigue will go away. I can’t wait to feel like myself again. Thanks for the info, loved it!!!

    • http://limitless365.com Justin

      Congrats Lulu! It definitely gets easier. Maker sure you are taking in plenty of water and not skimping on the healthy fats. Take advantage of the free guides here if you have any questions about what fats to use and cook with.

      Check back in with me around day 10-14 :)

  • Hannah

    Hi I am on week 3 day 18 to be exact. This week I have really noticed the better mood, just feeling good all day and have already lost lots of weight. I have not, however, experienced the excessive energy yet. Any thoughts on helping my body make the switch?

    • justinmiller06

      That’s awesome Hannah! Congrats and keep up the good work. I’d take a look at your sleep schedule, de-stressing techniques, and if you are eating enough healthy fat. Shoot me an email if you want to get specific.

      Thanks for contributing :)

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  • Christina Marie

    Hi. I am just on my 4th day (first week)!!! It has been a little difficult when it comes to breakfasts, but I think im doing ok. But while at the box I have been feeling with so much less energy than I used to when doing the wods. And I also have been feeling nauseaus sometimes, is this normal? I am very excited with this new lifestyle change I am embarking on. Looking forward to the next weeks!

    • justinmiller06

      What are you finding difficult about breakfast? Maybe I can help you out a bit.

      The low energy is totally natural the first week or two as your body becomes fat adapted versus carbohydrate adapted. In a few days you’ll feel terrific and energy will be back to normal, make sure you are including those healthy fats with every meal. Your carbs are lower now so the energy needs to come from somewhere and fat is the best choice.

      THe nauseaus thing is a bit unique, keep a log and track when you feel it. I may have somethign to do with a particular food you are eating.

      Keep me posted on how you’re doing and shoot me an email if you have any questions.

      • Christina Marie

        Well I have always thought about cereal, oatmeal, bread and stuff like that when it came to breakfast. And now eating vegetables and/or chicken or steak in the morning its a little bit rough for now. Today wasnt that bad, I ate sweet potatoes with bacon and 1/2 cup grapes. (My coach at the box told me Inshould eat more protein, maybe a protein shake, any recommendations?)
        I have noticed that I feel nauseaus after working out and later drinking the recovery shake. I drink Progenex chocolate just 1 scoop and I mix it with coconut milk and water. :-/ Today I felt nauseaus again and couldnt eat all of my dinner. I made 1 fried egg with 2 lettuce wraps with ground beef and vegetables, ate just one of the lettuce wraps. :(
        Thanks for writing back!! 😉

        • justinmiller06

          It’s only been a few days, you’ll get use to the breakfast. Trust me on this one. I wouldn’t do the protein shake, instead because you are consuming two sources/servings of carbohydrate (sweet potato and grapes) take out the grapes and maybe add in a little healthy fat like coconut oil, or up the protein a bit with a good source like salmon, grass fed beef, etc…

          For the nausea make sure you give yourself enough time to digest food before your workout by eating (hour minimum but closer to two is best) before a workout. If you’re new to crossfit it may take you a little bit to get use to the workouts. Lastly, play around with your post workout meal, maybe skip the coconut milk and just go with water, possibly wait about 30 minutes to an hour before eating as well. It’s not necessary to eat right after you workout you can wait as long as you need, it’s a myth that you have a 30 minute window to eat after workouts for recovery, truth is you can eat whenever after.

  • Rachael

    My husband and I are doing the 24 day Advocare challenge. Along with all their supplements, we are strictly following the eating suggestions of eliminating grains and dairy. We did not ease into this new eating style. This is day 6 and I am MISERABLE. I am extremely nauseous all day long (regardless of what I do or don’t eat) and mentally cannot tolerate feeling like this any longer. I am not struggling with any food cravings – in fact, I am completely disgusted by the thought, sight, taste, and/or smell of ANY type of food at this point. I have been forcing myself to eat, but it is hard to choke anything down. Do other people switching to a paleo way of eating experience this?? Am I doing something wrong?

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Rachael,

      I’m happy to help, shoot me an email. I may need a bit more info on what you’re currently doing and I’m afraid my response would be too long for this comment box :)

  • Rebecca Trawick Morrison

    Today is day 2 and I’m not by any means energetic. But I do enjoy looking up recipes. I am enjoying most recipes I’ve tried. I try to have fun with it. I don’t understand how you eat out? Because how will you know if thy produce is organic? Meat grass fed hormone free antibiotic free no nitrates etc etc but may be I’m just stricter? I only get organic or straight from the local farms for meat, honey, yard eggs, fruit/veggies etc etc.

  • Bree Reese

    Super great article, but I’m glad I didn’t read it before I started!

    I’m on day 4. Exhausted. Fuzzy-headed. Limp noodlish. Light headache. Slower than ish. Super. Duper. Blah. Still eating good though :)

    Cannot wait to get through this first two weeks!

    • justinmiller06

      Thanks for dropping by Bree… it gets better. Trust me :)

  • Lucy

    I’m on my first day and already have a fuzzy head. Not craving anything tho and usually would be wanting to snack. So far so good (apart from the cloudy head). I’m doing it with my 4 year old daughter. Liking looking for recipes.

    • justinmiller06

      Congrats Lucy! And so cool that you’re doing it with your daughter.

      Here’s a site you should definitely check out: http://paleoparents.com

      That cloudy head will be gone in either a few days or a week or two tops. Keep me posted on your progress/journey and don’t be a stranger if you have any questions.

      With gratitude,


  • Amanda

    Today is day five of Paleo. Everything has been great so far, my sugar cravings are finally going away. The only thing that’s bothering me is how hard it is for me to wake up. Any advice?

    • justinmiller06

      Shoot me an email. I can definitely give you some tips but I’d need to know a couple other things first.

  • Mimi

    I have been paleo for two weeks now and 3 days ago, I noticed my appetite almost completely disappeared. I also have a strange lightheaded feeling. I’ve lost five pounds so far but I can’t really say I feel great, Im a bit moody.
    Will that change?

    • justinmiller06

      It definitely will change. It can take a bit longer for some but I’d bet any day now you’ll start feeling great. Make sure you are including healthy fat with each meal. It will make a huge difference

  • Ali

    I have been on eating Paleo for the past 2and a half weeks. I didnt get any cravings and felt great up to a couple of days ago. Now I feel like I’m in a downwards spiral with my energy getting lower each day. It’s odd cos I have been feeling better than great for the past two weeks and haven’t changed what I’m eating. Any advice?

    • justinmiller06

      I’d have to see how your sleeping habits have been going and possibly a food log but there could be a number of reasons. Feel free to shoot me an email and maybe I can help you out a bit.

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  • Natassia

    I’m on day 3. This afternoon I all of a sudden got piercing stomach pain, shakiness, & nausea. Am I starting to withdrawal?

    • justinmiller06

      It’s possible but you could have just eaten something goofy, are coming down with a bug, went to long without eating something, ate to fast, etc… it really could be a host of things. I would keep a food log and make notes of these things to create awareness with the foods you are eating.

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  • Lauren

    I have been on and off Paleo for about 2 years. Just went full paleo for my health and feel amazing. I’m into week two..but I’m noticing I’m gaining weight. Yes, I do CrossFit so there is the muscle gaining factor in there, but my belly is gaining some weight. Any thoughts? Am I overdoing the fat sources like oils, avocado and almond butter? Thanks!

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Lauren,

      I would take some photos, use body (girth) measurements, and have a body fat test done to asses whether or not any weight gain is related to body fat, muscle, or water, etc…

      It could be a number of things. Shoot me an email and I can set you up with something to figure it out. Super easy and FREE :)

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  • Hillary

    I have began a whole 30 challenge at my gym. Prior to the challenge I have eaten what is to be considered paleo for the last 9 months. However, the biggest part of the challenge for me has been eliminating sugar and chocolate from my everyday consumption. For the last three days I have felt as if my fingers and body almost feel inflamed or swollen. I am thinking it is occurring because my body is detoxing. I have upped my fat intake and am eating an ample amount of vegetables and protein. I am curious as if there are any other reason as to why this is happening or what I could do.

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Hillary,

      If you’ve been doing the Paleo thing for the last 9 months pretty spot on then any detoxing should be done with. and the inflammation would be due to something else. Have you consumed any inflammatory foods like grains

  • Mike

    Just read this and I am on day 4 …. still recovering from knee surgery but I am truly excited to continue paleo and eventually start cross fit

    • justinmiller06

      Awesome Mike!! Keep me posted on your journey. I hope everything is going well for you right now. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

      With gratitude,


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  • Petter Stiland

    Day two. My head hurts.

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Petter,

      Thanks for dropping my and commenting. You’ll be feeling great in no time. Just remember it’s your body reseting itself in a way. Don’t hestitate to give me a shout if you need any help.

  • Emily

    I’ve been on the paleo diet for almost two weeks now but I’m not losing any weight! : ( It’s not just the numbers – my clothes are still pretty tight and I think I actually gained some fat around my stomach area – how long does it usually take for weight loss to occur?

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Emily,

      Thanks for writing in. There’s no real time table for how long it will take. We’re all different so each of us will respond differently to various nutritional approaches. It’s hard for me to say why it may not be working without taking a in-depth look at you current eating habits but here are a few things you can do.

      1. Watch your starchy carb and fruit intake. If fat loss is your goal make keep fruit and/or starchy carb consumption one serving per day and only after workouts if possible. Meals will be primarily animal proteins, veggies, and healthy fats.

      2. Make sure you are 100% dialed in.

      3. Take photos, take body measurements, have a body fat test done. What gets measured gets managed

      4. If you are not currently exercising get at it. Make it a habit at least 4 times per week.

      5. Make sure you are sleeping adequately and keeping stress down. Sleep is very important for fat loss (7-9 hours and in been no later then 10)

  • Daniel

    I’ve just finished my first week. As my goal is not to loose, but to gain some weight (came from an injury and lost about 5 Kg of muscle mass, plus gained some fat rolls) I was worried about loosing muscle mass. The thing is that I just lost nor gain any weight, but I´m still worried about it. To gain some muscle mass, it´s a good idea to eat some sweet potatoes in the morning, or it´s possible to go in a VLC and still “lean-bulk” just by regulating the fat-protein intake? Thanks.

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Daniel,

      Are you currently weight training? If you don’t mind, shoot me an email instead. There are a few questions I would need to ask in order to help you out more specifically.

      With gratitude,


  • Sonja

    I’m on day 6 of the paleo lifestyle! I started this because I will be graduating in May with my physical therapy degree and would like to be healthy to set a good example for my patients. AND I am getting married in August and want to look good! However, it’s definitely been very challenging because 1) I hate spending so much money on groceries! Especially coconut milk. I’ve found that its nearly $2 a can and on a student budget that’s a lot. 2) I have been exhausted and moody. I didn’t get any exercise in this week, aside from being on my feet all day at my clinical rotation and I actually cried most of the evening last night for no reason! haha. I have a cross fit class I can go to for free 3 days a week but that would only give me about 4-5 hours a sleep those days (i work late and go to rotations early. Some days of the week I am gone from 7am-1am and get back up the next morning at 6:30!) Is exercise or sleep more important?! 3) I love sweet food so I think I might be eating too many fruits and not enough vegetables so not losing any weight. Well thats my life story! haha. Just thought I would share and see if you have any suggestions or motivational advice! :)

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Sonja,

      Thanks for taking time to comment. I’ll jump to your questions quickly.

      1. Maybe ditch the coconut milk if you are finding it to expensive at the moment. If you need any specific advice for making the lifestyle cheaper just email me and I’ll help you out.

      2. It will take about 2 weeks usually to adjust provided you’re really diligent.

      3. Can you get any short bodyweight workouts in on your own? 10 minute AMRAPS or something? Sleep and exercise go hand in hand. It sounds like you might not be able to do much with your sleep right now tho :/

      4. Limit fruit to 1-2 servings per day and mostly berries and make sure veggies with every meal.

      Sorry so brief. Email me if you have any questions.

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  • AJC

    If anyone is reading this so late I am going paleo again I went paleo about a year and half ago for the first time. I fell off my bandwagon and put back on all the weight and began feeling like shut again. Well I restated crossfit and our 30 day challenge started Sunday. I was doing great until today now I’m having crazy sugar withdrawals. I forgot how horrible this part was. I know I will feel great when my body adjusts and I can’t wait for that.

    • justinmiller06

      Keep us posted AJC and if you need help send me an email.

  • FreyaFreya

    I’m on my 32nd day of paleo. The second week was the worst for me. I had excruciating headaches and extreme cravings. I just wanted to drink a gallon of coffee with a container of half and half and a ton of sugar, with a dozen cupcakes on the side. I was SO tired. But I pushed through and didn’t give in. This week feels completely different, my energy is high and I’m noticing that my face looks so much different. I can see cheekbones again and I’m glowy. Coworkers have commented on how good I look but I’ve only lost 9 pounds, I don’t restrict myself and I eat when I’m hungry. How is it possible to look so much different in such a short amount of time? Another thing, the foods I thought I couldn’t live without pretty much repulse me now. Bread smells gross and so does pasta. Does going paleo effect our sense of smell?

    • justinmiller06

      You’ve lost 9 pounds in 32 day, you look glowy :), and you feel great…. that’s success. I bet your clothes fit better, you’ve lost inches, etc… that’s success. Enjoy it. The scale is an overrated measure of progress.


  • Amanda

    Hi, I’m on the start of week 2, and today had worst headache ever! It even made me throw up. What else besides avocado for a healthy fat should I eat more of to prevent this kind of headache again?
    I drink enough water, today my diet has been a green juice (kale, cucumber, celery) Grapefruit, carrot and guacamole, cauliflower rice, kale, beef, berries with coconut. (No dinner yet as I came straight to bed when I got home)

    Even though this diet is making me dizzy and have not as much energy, I can still feel that somehow it is agreeing with my body, hard to explain! This site gives me some encouragement that next week I should feel better and be able to hit the gym classes again without wanting to hide at the back and sleep! thanks!

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Amanda,

      Thanks for taking time to comment.

      1. Coconut oil and olive oil are great healthy fats. Click on the Free Guides to the right and it will take you to a healthy fats guide

      Keep me posted on your progress!

  • Claire

    Hi, I’m on day 10 of the Whole30 diet, planning on ‘upgrading’ to Paleo after, & I’m exhausted, sweaty with chills & frequently light-headed especially when I first wake up & when I’m hungry.
    Also, I do plan on making this a permanent change, but I will be traveling next month & not sure how to handle eating out or what alternative meal I should order on my long haul flight; options are: vegan, diabetic, gluten-free, low calorie, or religious based diets.

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Claire,

      Thanks for taking time out of your day to comment. It’s tough to say without working with you directly but what you are describing I’ve heard before. Make sure you are taking in enough healthy fats at every meal (coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, etc…) A common mistake is removing a lot of the processed carbs from the diet without replacing them with another energy source such as healthy fat.

      As for your trip I’d go with the gluten-free option as this will probably be close to Paleo. If you happen to know what is included let me know.

      With gratitude,


  • Lindsay

    I am at the end of the second week of nearly 100% paleo. I noticed a pretty immediate (after a week) change in the bloating around my stomach. My weight, however, seems to be hovering around the same number. I am eating a lot of raw vegetables and meat with Spinich. I have also been eating quite a bit of nuts and dried fruit (I know that is fattening) and wonder if this may be the cause of my lack of weight loss. I also have completely organic peanut butter and celery and hummus with snap peas as a snack on occasion. I know hummus is not paleo but wondered if it would be okay in moderation.
    As far as workouts go, I have been doing about 30-45 mins of yoga and bodyweight workouts about 4-5 days a week and plan to start running as well at the beginning of the third week (wanted to give my body time to feel energized).
    I just wanted to know if there were any tweaks you could think of that may help me see more progress as far as weight/fat loss?

    • justinmiller06

      Congrats on the changes you have noticed :) That’s awesome. To answer your questions.

      1. Limit the nuts to 1-2 servings max per day (serving=baby handful). I’d skip the dried fruit for now. If you need something sweet go with 3-4 strawberries

      2. If you like hummus and it is not effecting your goals and health then go for it.

      3. Make sure you are taking other forms of measurements. Body girth, body fat, before/after photos. I hope that helps :)

      Keep me updated on your progress.

  • Mrs_Jack_of_all_trades

    On my 3rd day and so far all are ok except coffee.. It is hard as my breakfast usually consist of coffee and cereals. Other than that I think I am pretty ok with it, in fact meals have been delicious so far. Tonight is my first night eating out. I think I’ll have meat and salad. My biggest challenge will be next Thursday when I have to review a Thai restaurant at one of the hotels.. how do I explain to the chef?? Thai food without palm sugar is not Thai food :( I hope I will not put off the chef…

  • Karolina

    Today is my 17th day paleo! The transition hasn’t been easy but it’s been getting better and better.
    My one concern is the cravings I’ve been having, mainly for carbs, I’ve managed to suppress them with snacking on some almonds and dried apricots. I haven’t cheated yet! But the almonds are taking a toll on me. I’m so extremely bloated from eating almonds, and I’m starting to wonder if maybe my body is intolerant of almonds. Is this normal?!
    Almonds are the best paleo craving suppressing snack :(
    Any other alternative suggestions

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Karolina,

      Nuts and seeds can sometimes cause digestive distress. Try removing them from the diet for a little bit and see how you feel.

      As for the cravings give this article a look: http://limitless365.com/2013/05/05/the-definitive-guide-to-cravings/

      Other than that make sure you are including enough healthy fats with each meal. One big mistake a lot of people make is eating to lean when they transition to Paleo. With some of those carbs being removed you’re body will be looking for energy and healthy fats are the best source.

      Try spoons of coconut oil, avocado, raw veggies (especial carrots). As weird as this sounds, brushing your teeth has been shown to reduce cravings as well.

      • Karolina

        Thanks for the response,
        I’ve spent all day reading your posts and articles, this blog is inspirational and an amazing guideline for my new lifestyle.
        Thank you so so much!!

  • Donna Martinez

    Hi- so I’ve completed the 30 day & haven’t even thought about going back to the way I used to eat, feeling 100% better since eliminating all glutens, before I was so addicted to breads,cereals,rice, candy it’s crazy to think I’ve given all that up! Big question is, why is my weight not dropping off quickly? I walk/run treadmill 3X a week average.
    thanks for any advice .

    • justinmiller06

      Awesome and congrats! Make sure that you are taking multiple measures of progress (photos, girth measurements, body fat tests) the scale is only one way to measure progress and not a great one in my opinion.

      It’s hard to give specific advice without seeing exactly what is coming in but stick to solid servings of about 1 palm protein, 1-2 fists veggies, and 1-2 thumb sized servings of healthy fat for all of your meals and you should be good to go.

      Keep fruit consumption to 1 fist size serving per day if fat loss is the goal and get it in only after workout for now.

      I hope that helps a bit

  • Amber87

    I am on my fourth week of paleo, definitely feeling less bloated but not lost any weight so far and I am being really good and exercise 5 times a week. Also my energy doesn’t seem to have improved like everyone said it would and my muscle are tending to ache a lot more than normal, can anyone help. I feel like giving up as I can’t give 100 percent when exercising and it’s getting me down, amber

    • justinmiller06

      Hey Amber, thanks for stopping by the site. A couple questions and feel free to email me personally if you’d like.

      1. What does a typical week of exercise look like. What exactly are you doing?
      2. What does a basic/average day of eating look like for you?
      3. Are you including healthy fats with EVERY meal?
      4. What other ways are you measuring progress besides the scale?

      With gratitude,


      • Amber87

        Ok great thanks, I have emailed you x

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  • Stacey Decker Woodward

    I just finished my second week of paleo (I’ve done it before, but fell off the wagon in a major way… so now I’m back again.) Anyway, I’ve had a REALLY bad taste in my mouth lately that was steady for about three days, and now comes and goes. It tastes like rubber/latex, and only goes away temporarily when I brush my teeth or eat, and then it comes back. Also, my mouth has been really dry, even when I drink a lot of water. I am not low carb enough for ketosis (a typical day would include a banana and half a sweet potato as my carbs). Do you know what might be causing this, and if it will go away? Thanks :)

    • justinmiller06

      Thanks for stopping by Stacey. For the dry mouth you may want to try adding a little himilayan salt to water in the morning. Sometimes a lack of sodium can cause this (weird I know).

      For the bad taste in your mouth are you using plastic containers to heat or store food? Sometimes this can contribute. Other than that I’m note sure. I’d probably have to take a look at a weeks food log to maybe determine something.

  • Shanna Marszalkowski Krawitz

    Honestly, I just started paleo (6th day in) and I have felt completely amazing. Maybe it was because I wasn’t a huge grain or pasta eater to begin with, I don’t know but I was prepared for the worst… My only downfall is the sweets craving but I honestly just combat that with a little bit of coconut milk and some frozen fruit in a blender and it does the trick (and my 3 y/o LOVES smoothies, so it has become a little healthy treat alternative to the froyo place down the road). My only issue now that I actually have the energy to exercise…. what is with the insta-swelling in my hands every time I go for a bike ride or a long walk? It’s driving me nuts hahah or is that due to a lack of water intake?

    • justinmiller06

      Awesome Shanna! Congrats on your early success :) I use the same formula for when I’m craving some sweets. I’ve found a square of some 85% dark chocolate does wonders as well.

      I’m not sure about the swelling. I’d have to take a look at your specific diet but it may be unrelated. Touch base with me in a week or so and let me know if it is still lingering.

  • melissa

    Hello! I am new to paleo (5 days) and it’s going pretty good. I do crossfit at 6:00 am every morning. Today during class I had cold sweats, nausea, and had no energy. It felt like I was hypoglycemic. I ate some unsweetened coconut flakes about 1/2 hour before class. I take thyroid medication and have to take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait an hour to eat. I need something ease in the a.m. to eat that will digest fast and help fuel my workouts. I know it’s best to eat at least 1-2 hours before you workout but sleep is important too! Any suggestions? BTW this website is amazing!

    • justinmiller06

      Hi Melissa! Thanks for taking time to read the site and comment. It can usually take about 2-3 weeks once fully engaged in “Paleo” before some of those symptoms go away completely.

      Make sure that you are taking in enough healthy fats throughout the day to help you with energy and blood sugar levels. I would keep a food journal for a few weeks so that you can find out what foods work best for you before workouts.

      Everyone is different so you’ll have to experiment. When working out at 6AM I like to do it on an empty stomach or after drinking some branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s).

      If I do eat I usually will grab a small handful of cashews. I hope that helps a little :) Never hesitate to get a hold of me if you have any more questions.

  • April

    Hello. I am planning to start the paleo tomorrow! I have already read 2 books on it and have a feel passion for this way of life!…I’m gained a few extra pounds after a manic year and I’m hoping this will make me drop about 1 stone is this possible on this diet? Also I am quite sociable and drink alcohol when out with friends (I think this May be a big cause to my weight gain as I’m usually quite good with not eating grains, however since a break up have been out a lot more!) for weight loss do you have to cut it out completely?

    • justinmiller06

      Hi April,

      Thanks for dropping me a line. You most definitely can drop fat and get into tremendous shape with a Paleo Nutrition approach. I hope that you are viewing it as a long-term solution and not a quick-fix. That’s the great thing about the approach… it emphasizes eating REAL FOOD which is easy to apply for the long haul. If you’re consistent with it I know you can achieve success… I look forward to featuring you on the site when you do :)

      Do you think you can commit to having 1 drink when out with friends? The best way it know if anything is working is by measuring your progress through the scale, body measurements, photos, and even possibly body fat tests.

      Please feel free to email me if you have any specific questions or need some help.

  • cjflix

    Hi, thanks so much for this article, it has really helped! I’m on day two and getting serious carb withdrawals. I’ll be honest, i love carbs, i do a lot of training so i say in shape. I’m looking to drop a bit more fat and i have been considering paleo for a long time. I hope i can get through the next week!

    • justinmiller06

      I’m sure you can do it! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read the article. Feel free to reach out and keep us posted on your results!

      • cjflic

        Day 4, day 3 i felt ok but back to that horrible headachey, shaky feeling today. I certainly did not feel like training but i just managed a sprint session followed by a quick Fran with 77lb BB. I felt really strong which surprised me! Sat here with brain fog now, very irritable but I just keep reading your article and it motivates me to stick to it.

        • justinmiller06

          Shoot me a quick email with what you have been eating the last few days. I can probably tweak it to help with some of the discomfort.

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  • J106

    Hi! I’m finishing day 19 of the whole30. Since yesterday, I’ve been feeling bloated and I don’t understand what the cause is. Also, I’m waiting for that moment of feeling amazing but it’s not happening yet….whyyyyy? Haha (sorry for being dramatic)! My energy level at work is fine, I don’t get the three-thirty-itis but I do feel my workouts are suffering/harder. I know everyone is different but I don’t see/feel dramatic differences. :( my clothes fit the same…

    • justinmiller06

      It’s tough to say without me knowing exactly what you’re eating and drinking. If you’re up for doing a 3 day food journal for me I might be able to help you out.

      In general:

      1. Include healthy fats with each meal
      2. Include a source of protein with each meal
      3. Water and unsweetened tea only (I’d eliminate coffee for now)
      4. How is your sleep> Bedtime, wake time, and quality
      5. Keep your first 30 days very simple and basic. A lot of people get to cute with recipes.
      6. Your workouts will most likely suffer the first month or two as you convert form sugar burner to fat burner

      • J106

        Past three days (mass prepped meal):
        Breakfast: egg whites, 1/2avocado, one small sweet potato

        Lunch: “Paleo Butter Chicken” from PrimalDesire website with cauliflower rice sautéed with broccoli and brussel sprouts AND some salad (if I’m still hungry – just a spring & spinach mix with pearl tomatoes)

        Dinner: same as above

        Snacks (if needed) handful of nuts or a serving of fruit (plum/peach)

        I drink a ton of water, at least a gallon a day + tea (only organic green or black tea – sometimes mixed with ghee)

        I don’t fall asleep quickly and I don’t feel as refreshed in the morning when I wake up (I don’t remember my dreams anymore – after week2). However, my energy is sustained throughout the day.

        I know everyone is different but my fiancé is doing the whole30 (he’s almost done) but he feels amazzzing but I don’t feel as great as him (I guess that’s a hard comparison)

        Sidenote: I haven’t lost any inches. Is it possible to actually get “bigger” on the whole30?? =/

        • justinmiller06

          Just stay with it. Everyone is different. That’s not a ton of calories coming in right there so your body may be slowing down a bit especially if you were on a low calorie diet before starting.

          I’d add a bit more healthy fat to that. Stay with it for the 30 days and report back to me once you’ve wrapped it up.

  • Carine

    Hi there! I’m on day 2 of the whole 30 challenge, so far so good. My husband and I are doing it together. The worst part is definitely no sugar :( Quick question tho, is coconut milk allowed? I know it has carrageenan in it and I’ve read that we should stay away from that. But I sure do miss my coconut milk in my tea and in the occasional smoothie. Just curious. Thanks for this article! It’s very helpful! :)

  • rachel

    “until you do Crossfit, you are not fit. ‘Nuff said.” umm… fuuck you.

  • sarah

    Hi,I’m on my 8th day. Just lucky to be in the country where coconut is everywhere, but organic meat is kinda expensive. I’m currently indulging with oysters and other crustaceans.
    I can totally relate with your post.

    • justinmiller06

      Hey Sarah! You don’t have to buy organic or grass fed meat. Just do the best with what is available. Keep it up!

  • Seven50Rider

    You lost me when you started talking about crossfit…

    • justinmiller06

      Lol. Don’t worry. I don’t think it’s the end all be all. I prefer doing whatever gets you the results you desire.

      How are you staying fit?

      And thanks for stopping by the site.

      • penis

        calisthenics > crossfit

  • Jacqueline

    Just coming up to the end of week 1 and am very tired. I am completely whooped by kickboxing and cannot go each day. What other suitable carbs or combinations of carbs can help me with the extreme fatigue besides sweet potatoes? Thanks!

    • justinmiller06

      Hey Jacqueline. Thanks for stopping by the site and commenting. Aside from sweet potato, taro, plantain, low sugar berries, and butternut squash are great additions. Especially post workout.

      The first 30 days focus on nothing but committing to 100% peleo foods. Do not worry about fat loss, performance, etc… By the end of the month you will be feeling amazing.

      Also, make sure that you are consuming protein at every meal along with healthy fats. The healthy fats are very important. As you transition form being a sugar burner to a fat burner this will be your primary energy source.

  • justinmiller06

    How is everyone doing with their Paleo experience thus far? Any updates to be shared?

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  • michael oliver

    Hi I am seventy one years old, I do a hard boot camp style class five times a week, Mon to Fri at 7.30 to 8.30 am, the problem I am then lethargic and tired all day. any sugestions

    • justinmiller06

      Thanks for stopping by Michael. It’s tough to say without knowing specific details of your lifestyle but I’d run through the following checklist.

      1. Are you in bed no later than 10PM and getting QUALITY sleep (7-9 hours)
      2. Are hydration levels ok
      3. Are you eating enough to support your training
      4. Have you had any blood work done to see if there are any deficiencies

      Let me know :)

  • Cushman

    Hey, this is great and just what I needed to read right now. I decided to go 100% Paleo a few weeks ago and had some failures in the form of sugars… I am not feeling bad about it and by no means falling off the wagon but, when you have to put your dog to sleep it’s hard to not get into a full blown emotional ice cream and chocolate binge! Anyway, lesson learned. I do feel better and my workouts are amazing as well as the food, taste and everything you mentioned. However, I know that I’m not feeling the true effects because of my slip ups. As of today… everything has settled down and so far so good. All paleo all day, no grains, dairy, sugars (except for the apple wrapped in bacon that I ate for a snack). Tons of veggies, lean proteins (grass fed whenever possible). I am in love with good fats, protein, seeds, nuts and yeah… the oils wow! I noticed that I’ve definitely lost inches and my muscles are stronger and growing but I also have a bunch of lose skin yuk. I know it’ll bounce back in time. So… with that said, today is day one for me. I’ll go the 30 days full force and continue on after that as well. I am a Paleo Addict! Thanks again!

    • justinmiller06

      Thanks for stopping by the site. Keep up the good work! Keep me updated on your progress :)

  • Michael

    Hi. I’ve been involved more or less with the Paleo diet for a couple of years. I know it works, but seem to fall off the wagon often, so to say. My biggest challenge comes in the evenings, when I get home. I eat clean all day; typical diet is: eggs and sausage breakfast, nuts for snack, 25 gram egg-protein shake (with water), then two meals of protein and vegatable mix. I get home in the evening and am often ‘famished’ (spelling?). I stand in front of the pantry and stare at the food, then start eating, sometime gorging on bad stuff (I’m the only one in the home that tries Paleo, so can’t keep bad stuff out). I basically undo the day’s hard work everynight. I do some form of Crossfit / SEALFit 4 – 5 times a week. Ideas ???

    • justinmiller06

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by this morning. Here are some things to try.

      1. Make sure all of your meals contain a serving of healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, etc…) 1-2 tablespoons or about 1-2 thumb sized servings

      2. Increase veggie intake at meals and snacks

      3. Have a Paleo friendly meal waiting for you when you get home so you don’t have to think about what to eat. It will already be ready for you. Or, have dinner before you get home.

      4. Put a note on the pantry that says “Hey, whatcha doing over here.” :) I’m serious – create awareness.

      Let me know what you think. How confident are you on a scale of 1-10 that you could implement these. If you’re not at a 10 let me know how I can help you get there.

      • Michael

        Thanks very much Justin. Scale of 1 – 10, a 9. I think I’m craving ‘variety’ when I get home, something crunchy (but not carrots or celery). I seem to crave chips, ice cream, basically all the ‘bad stuff’ late at night. Sometimes to combat it, I just go to bed early. I’m interested in adding in some sunflower seed spread, that may help, because I really like Nutella.

        • justinmiller06

          Maybe try a little of that nut butter on some crunchy veggies. Keep me updated on this.

  • Reemo5

    Hi, I’m just coming to the end of week 2 of the Paleo Challenge at our box and I have not had a slip up yet. I am a little worried as I find that it is not as hard as I thought it would be… I started it properly, I got rid of all “bad” foods when I started and practiced may different recipes to get them Paleo right. My energy is through the roof, and I don’t have the desire to nap after every meal. Bloating is a thing of the past thankfully, as are my headaches… I have seen a little physical change but I think that was just the bloating going away (I don’t keep scales in the house).. I still feel it is too easy (I’m not being cocky, genuinely worried)… could I be doing something wrong??

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      LOL! Enjoy it :) Sounds like you’re doing awesome. If you’d like you can email me a three day food journal and I can take a look

      • Reemo5

        Great stuff! Will do, thank you!

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  • Thiaskia

    Hi, I have a question concerning the Paleo ways. My lifestyle is the busy one. I’m a college student, and I also work to pay for all my expenses, as I’m not receving any kind of help. I don’t have much money at all. I don’t buy typical “bad” food, like cookies and chips, but I do eat lot of pasta and bread because they almost cost nothing. I also buy some veggies, but not much, since it’s too expensive for my budget. I kinda regret that a lot, but when I moved in my new appartement, I didnt do a food budget and now I’m stuck. I have a hundred/month for all my food expense. Proteins are the things that I really have hard times affording. Do you have any suggestion on that ? I’m really interested on the Paleo lifestyle, but I still have to pay for my rent and such.

    TLDR : healthy foods are expensive, halp

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      Great questions. $100 a month for your food budget is really tight. I would first look into other ways you could save and maybe increase that budget. Skipping meals out, canceling cable, canceling any subscriptions, riding a bike instead of driving – I’m not sure where your money goes but take some time and do an inventory to find out (really get in-depth). You can usually get cans of tuna very cheap, ask the markets when they are going to have sales on protein – What is a typical day of eating like for you right now?

      • Thiaskia

        Thank you very much for your fast answer, really thoughtful of you ! I already skips a lot of meals, I never eat lunch, rarely breakfast to save on food a lot. I will eat some veggies in the afternoon when I’m too hungry, but that’s about it. As for subscriptions, the only one I have beside the internet is my cellphone. Cellphone/internet plans are really expensives in Canada, and my basic plan cost me 110. That I cannot change much. As for my work, I don’t have a car, and I do ride my bike to work during the warm seasons, but winter in Canada makes it impossible (unless i had a winter bike, which I have not but that would be awesome!) and I take the subway and the bus. Another 50 down. My money really goes into my rent and my electricity bills, and beside that, I do almost nothing. I go out maybe once every two months, never order food and don’t even smoke/drink. It’s just the hours at my job that needs to match my shcool days, and I’m tight everywhere. I’m thinking of moving out by the end of summer, when my lease end. I’m not trying to make any excuses, it’s the reality I live in, as I did a mistake in the choice of my appartement. I do have advantages to my student status, like the access to the gyms facilities for free. I love swimming, and I go whenever I have a small place in my schedule.

        As for tuna, I never thought of that, it’s a really good idea, plus I love tuna ! Markets in my area are unfortunatly huge compagnies who doesnt care much and boost (literally) the prices of anything before putting on “sale”. I used to have a farmer’s market nearby, but it closed up for good. I try to go to coscto whenever my parents have time to come see me (we live almost 4 hours away),but I just end buying one type of protein that last me two weeks max, since, yes it is quality, but it’s still expensive. I will try to check out further in the city to see if I can find something somewhere!

        And for my typical meal, I will eat peanut butter toasts, orange juice and a banana for breakfast, or no breakfast at all. I almost never eat lunch, or when I do, it’s just veggies. For diner, and that’s when it’s really killer, I will eat pasta, ramen or even more toasts. If I have a protein by chance, I will eat that plus veggies, but thats kinda rare.

        Sorry for the long text, I always end up overdoing it.

        TLDR : I eat pasta, and my budget is tight

  • Jeffrey Watkins

    Hey there, I just started paleo 12 days ago and I’m starting to feel less bloated, no more haedaches, and my energy level is starting to bounce back.. I just started back to CrossFit after a 2 month hiatus about a month ago. I have noticed any fat loss yet. How long does it usually take for the fat burning process to start?

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      Hey Jeffrey!

      That’s awesome! How are you measuring fat loss?

  • Adrienne

    Hi We (hubby & I) have been living mostly sugar free for 9 months and recently committed ourselves to eating paleo (super excited btw) so have just completed first 7 days of the whole30 (days 3-5 where horrible, headaches, irritability, flu like symptoms & muscle/joint aches, insomnia) and I’m reading a lot of comments where ppl are experiencing week 2 as really bad, do you think we can expect “another detox period” ? We are now both starting to feel better, less aches & pains, our sleep is hard to measure with 2 kiddies under 3, am not feeling like exercise just yet but am hoping for some of this amazing energy everyone raves about, I am finding that being organised is the key to my own success prepping lunches a few days in advance & even prepping veg for b/fast helps keep it quick. I am also not very clear on the amount of dried fruits allowed on whole30 as I make “bliss balls” (nuts,seeds,dates,gogi berries, coconut oil, flaxseed meal, & occasionally add sweet potato purée) & I use these as my snack, am I negating all the other good work I’m doing by eating these?….they are keeping my sweet cravings but I’m concerned my fructose intake is a bit high?! Any thoughts/advice thanks

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      Thanks for stopping by Adrienne! It’s tough to say – Some people experience the detox for 2 to 3 weeks but others not as long. It sounds like you will not.

      You hit the nail on the head. Organized and preparation is the key! I would limit the dried fruits as much as possible (they’re so easy to overeat and often contain added sugars.

      You’ll have to keep me updated on this! I’m excited for you both :)

  • Resa

    Hi there :) I suffer from IBS (well that’s what the doctors’ said) I’m seeing a dietitian soon (recommended by doctor) who will put me on the FODmaps diet?? I think it’s basically eliminating food groups one by one and then re-introducing them to see what effects it has on me. I’m interested in the paleo diet, do you think this could help me? I suffer from constant bloating, gas (yuck), abdominal pain, crazy bowel movements (lol) etc. I always eat healthy like lots of fruit, veg, and leans meats each day… except I have a lot of dairy which causes me to feel very sick. I’m addicted! I’ve also upped my exercise routines each week doing workouts, pilates, zumba etc …. I’m just feeling so run-down and tired from it all. How do I slowly introduce the paleo diet into my life? Sorry for the long comment, would be great if you could help! Thanks :)

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      The Paleo Diet will definitely help. Start by making one small change. How about just removing grains and wheat for a week or two, tracking your progress and then moving on to something else.

      If that feels like too much simply shrink the change and remove wheat and grains from breakfast first for a week, then lunch, then dinner, etc… make the changes so easy that it’s nearly impossible for you to fail.

      • Resa

        Thanks Justin for your advice! I’ll give it a go and let you know how it goes :)

    • Carol Holloway

      Been there done that IBS for three years! Total detox NO DAIRY, breads and little to no fruit for seven weeks and aloe vera tables and I was sick and miserable and very tired the entire time BUT!!!!! It worked and WOW the difference it made. I had my Dr. suggest it due to the fact that I also had recurring ear and sinus infections and antibiotics were no longer working. DO the paleo!! Then treat dairy like an occaional cheat treat.

  • Sami

    We have just started paleo 5 days ago. The kids are really gassy! Assuming its detox.
    Kids will not touch coconut milk, almond milk etc… its hard to do somethings and bring them variety without milks so I have brought back a2. Just small amounts. Am I doing the wrong thing? I too cant stand any cows milk substitutes. I am almost ready to throw up from first mouthfull, my son too….
    Also how bad is organic coconut sugar? Just to sweeten things lightly for kids especially? They 4 and 6 years?
    Tia x

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      Hey Tia,

      Thanks for taking time out of your day to read. Is consuming milk important for the kids? Why not just cut it out for the next 30 days or so – don’t even worry about finding a substitute.

      You should be ok with a little coconut sugar but sugar in general isn’t the best thing in my opinion.

      • Sami

        Too true. Thank you will do so.
        I also find the kids screaming for food. Is this a hunger thing or should I push them thru. We all have breakfast, 1 fruit for morning snack, lunch, 1 fruit for arvo snack and then dinner. Kids may have an extra arvo snack like small handfull sultanas or at morning tea instead. This ok?

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  • Vanessa

    Good morning,
    I am on Day 5 of Paleo and I am loving every minute of it. I decided to get my foods delivered to me from Catered Fit, a FL company. I am on their Paleo plan and will continue to be for the next 3 weeks. I have already noticed a difference at the gym. I am lifting heavier, running without stopping AND finishing in the top 5! This to me, means so much. Even if i havent seen any weightloss… YET, I can already see improvement. Oh, I am in a nicer mood too! :)

    • http://limitless365.com/ Justin Miller

      Hey Vanessa,

      This is awesome! Keep us posted on your progress. CONGRATS :)

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  • Jessie Johnson

    Hello everyone,
    I see the last posting was a month ago so not sure if there are still active people in the conversation, but it is worth a shot :)
    So I began Paleo (for the second time) a few days ago. The first time I did it was my freshman year of college; an effort to combat the constant need to nap between classes and homework. I felt amazing! My skin cleared up, my bowel movements more regular, energy through the roof, better mood, and eventually, the cravings for carbs did disappear.
    I recently began seeing a naturopath and found out I have insulin resistance and a vitamin D deficiency (thanks Seattle!). The insulin resistance makes my cravings unbearable. Even if I remove carbs and sugars from the house, it takes no time at all to get in the car and drive to the store to pick up a carb and sugar loaded snack!
    I fell of the healthy diet train a few months after starting it the first time after approximately 3 months. Although I fully know the benefits of eliminating these harmful foods, it is such a challenge.
    So my main question is, do any of you know some secrets for combating the cravings and withdrawals during the first couple weeks? Today started the major headaches, fatigue, constant peeing, and overall fogginess. I know this is part of the detox period and I just need to get through the next week or two before reaping the benefits. I do keep 80% dark chocolate in the house, although it has sugar, a small square helps subside a need to binge on pastries (for a little bit at least).
    Has anyone tried the natural craving stopper drops (not sure on the official name, but my naturopath has mentioned them). Or anything else that seems to help?
    I know about brain chemistry and the benefits of Paleo, but need something physical I can do to get through the next week or two, my brain has yet to be convinced this is for the best!
    Any advice is welcome,

    • viky

      how about cinnamon sticks? I would not touch anything with sugar though. you need to let the parasites asking for sugar die off, and then you can enjoy fruits and dark chocolate a few months from now.


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  • Desiree

    Second paleo attempt, first time I did awesome. I went from 136 to 102 in 9 mos. lots of energy
    This time however, I am not feeling as good. It’s been 4 weeks I’ve lost 9 lbs but don’t have the energy yet. I dont know why.

  • Muthu

    Just started Paleo, Today is first Day……….lets see how im progrssing….